This Russian Woman Is The Real Life Rapunzel

Rapunzel is a Disney Princess that is well known for having a long hair that no one could ever imagine. It even used by his prince charming to go up and down the creepy tower where she is trapped by a vicious witch who stole her from the castle and pretends to be her mother. It seems like a dream but surprisingly there is a woman from Russia who may resemble Rapunzel in real life. Her name is Dashik Gubanova Freckle and believe it or not; she never cut her hair for 13 years and counting. She also decided not to cut it off until it reaches her toes. Just like other women, her hair is her life and define it as the most important parts of her body which is why she takes extra care of it.

Due to her amazing hair, she earned 132,000 followers on Instagram alone and also gives some useful tips on how to have a healthy hair. Her account shows a lot of photos of different style she did on her hair and it’s lovely.

real-life-rapunzel-2source:Instagram/Dashik Gubanova

343AFCF800000578-3592306-image-m-424_1463389094076source:Instagram/Dashik Gubanova

343AF64F00000578-3592306-image-m-422_1463389034999source:Instagram/Dashik Gubanova

343AF63B00000578-3592306-image-a-413_1463388873652source:Instagram/Dashik Gubanova

343AF52600000578-3592306-image-m-409_1463388836824source:Instagram/Dashik Gubanova

343AF62600000578-3592306-image-a-408_1463388824809source:Instagram/Dashik Gubanova

343AF62A00000578-3592306-image-a-416_1463388889226source:Instagram/Dashik Gubanova

343AF63700000578-3592306-image-a-421_1463389013621source:Instagram/Dashik Gubanova

Click play and check out how beautiful her hair.

водопад) #длинныеволосы #оченьдлинныеволосы #растиКосаДоПят #рапунцель #Дашик

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