Creepy Video Of Bewitched Doll Capable Of Walking When Owner Hold Its Hand


A video uploaded on social media by Guillermo Rios on June 10 from Saltillo, Mexico give creeps to the million of viewers who watched it. The 42-yr-old life-sized doll wearing a white dress with brown hair is capable of walking on its own when a woman named Rosalba Alvares hold the hand; it has no batteries or any mechanical thing to make it walk which is why many people who witnessed and saw the doll believe that it is bewitched. Rosalba even asked the others people like their neighbors to check the doll and try to make it walk or gives any possible movement but they fail and it seems like Rosalba is the only who can do it. The video gathered 5.5 million views in just 3 days. Watch the video below and be the judge if it was just a trick or it is possess by some sort of spirit.

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