Rare Coincidence, Doppelganger Meet Each Other In A Plane

2DF1BB7300000578-3296751-image-a-83_1446210186060According to studies, each human has 6 look-a-likes around the world. You may not be related to them but it is the proof that we all came from one ancestor. Finding your doppelganger is a very difficult task to do unless it is it destiny like what happened to this two bearded look-a-alike guys who boarded in the same plane. Neil Douglas, 32-yr-old was shocked when he saw his look-a-like  35-yr-old Robert Sterling from London seating on his seat on Ryanair Flight from Stansted to Shannon Airport, Country Clare. Instead of telling him to move, Neil asked his doppelganger if they can have a selfie and the photo was shared on twitter. They chatted on the flight for an hour and enjoyed it.

Later that day, they even found out that booked in the same hotel in Galway. What a rare coincidence! So the two decided to grab a drink in a nearby pub and enjoy. Total weirdness!


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