The Incredible Iranian Hulk Is Real, Don’t Make Him Angry

sajad-gharibi-iranian-hulk-2A 24-yr-old Ukrainian guy named Sajad Gharabi is getting a lot of attention on social media because of his incredible body who dubbed by many as the Incredible Hulk. His sheer physical size is beyond imaginable. After being featured in different websites, his Instagram account where he don’t post obsessive workout or diets but instead about his day to day life and always use hastag tag such as #strongman, #strongbody, #muscles, #big, and #powerful.Iit boost up to almost 92k followers. According to reports, Sajad weigh almost 24 and half stone and pure muscles. He can lift up to 175 kgs (386 lbs) which is more than he weighs and also joins bodybuilding competitions where he represents his country. Sajad may look intimidating but he is a gentle giant with a good heart according to his friends. In the future, we may see this guy in Hollywood films or WWE.









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