Pokemon Go – Stampede Happened After A Rare Pokemon Sighting At Central Park

1The game Pokemon Go was released two weeks ago and if you didn’t try it yet then you should know that before you download. You should be prepared with the consequences that will come to your life. The game is very addicting that you will be hooked up with it every single time. A lot of accidents had already reported because of not being aware of their surroundings while playing the game. Two days ago, a video uploaded on social media that shows stampede at Central Park, New York City after a rare Pokemon (Vaporeon) came out. Several individuals rushed into the area where they could catch it and even people who are driving exit their car in order to catch the rare Pokemon. This game is really out of control and as a fellow player we should be very careful and think the safety of others before doing anything stupid.

Watch the video below:

Another stampede after a Charizard sightings:

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