Meet Thor, The Cat With The Most Beautiful Fur Ever

bengal-cat-spots-fur-thor-5If you are a cat lover, you will be jealous of not having Thor as a pet. He has the fur that every cat owner will envy. Thor is a Bengal cat, meaning a domestic cat that had been developed to look like leopards, ocelots and margays by cross breading with Asian leopards. The project started around 1889 and after years of development, we can see a lot of people owning a successful friendly, healthy, vividly marked coat Bengal cat. So far, Thor is the most beautiful and perfect Bengal cat we have ever seen.

bengal-cat-spots-fur-thor-23 bengal-cat-spots-fur-thor-22 bengal-cat-spots-fur-thor-21 bengal-cat-spots-fur-thor-20 bengal-cat-spots-fur-thor-19 bengal-cat-spots-fur-thor-18 bengal-cat-spots-fur-thor-15 bengal-cat-spots-fur-thor-10photo credits:instagram

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