10 Homeowners That Really Messed Up Their House

Buying a house is the biggest investment you will spend in your life which is why you need to be smart before putting your money on it. You need to inspect the house thoroughly every section from outside to the deep secret basement of the house. Do not just listen to the seller, do your own research or ask close friends who knows a lot about buying a house and the possible more money you will put for future reparation.

We can say every houses are unique and has it own design but sometimes we are just stupid enough that it looks completely terrible and way out of logic. To be exact, let’s see some examples below and please do not ever follow these homeowners.

1.) A good example of how not to add an extension for your house


2) Blocking your garage with a garden.


3) Good luck shovelling snow in this


4) No wonder this house is for sale. 


5) They forgot to build the balcony


6) Blocking your garage with a fire hydrant.


7) The style that defies all logic.



8) You need a car that jumps in this kind of garage.


9) How not to block the front door.


10) This is wrong in every level