Awesome Dad Recreates Wonder Woman Scenes Starring Her Daughter In An Epic Photoshoot

Everyone is excited to see the Wonder Woman movie that will come out next year around the first week of June after appearing in the Batman vs Superman movie. The iconic female superhero Princess Diana of Themyscira played by Gal Gadot is really a big hit and recently named by United Nations as ambassador for women empowerment.

Inspired Wonder Woman, photographer Josh Rossi wanted to recreates the amazonian princess trailer scenes by starring her 3-yr-old daughter in an epic photoshoot. He spent $1500 for the costumes including the accessories and took them a day to finish the photoshoot that took place in one of the studios at Salt Lake, Utah but the results are simply stunning.


The attention to the details are admirable and it is a dream come true for her child that always want to be Wonder Woman.


wonder-woman-toddler-josh-rossi-12source:Instagram/joshrossi wonder-woman-toddler-josh-rossi-10source:Instagram/joshrossi wonder-woman-toddler-josh-rossi-8source:Instagram/joshrossi wonder-woman-toddler-josh-rossi-6source:Instagram/joshrossi wonder-woman-toddler-josh-rossi-1source:Instagram/joshrossi