80-Yr-Old Grandpa Took The Spotlight In His First Runway Debut

If you think you are not good enough to be a model then you are wrong. The story of this 80-yr-old grandpa will inspire you that despite his age he put some work to become a model.

Wang Deshun was born and raised in Shenyang China, people started to noticed him in his first catwalk debut in China Fashion Week that made him an instant internet sensation and many dubbed him as “The Hottest Grandpa”.

Wang has been through alot in his life, at the age of 24 he worked as a theatrical actor, studied English at the age of 44, created his own Pantomime troupe at age of 49 and went to Beijing to become a “Beijing Drifter” but his is just getting started, at the age of 50 he went to the gym for the first time and at 57 he created the “Living Sculpture Performance” and at the age 70 he really got hooked working out every single day and the age 80 he got chance to prove himself in the runway, he stunned the world and took the spotlight.