Caught on Camera: Pregnant Beggar With A Boy Driving A Nice BMW

We always want to help and that what makes us beautiful as a human. For example giving money to a hungry beggars but do you think this is the right thing to do? You can’t know what’s he’s/she’s gonna do with the money. It could be for the bad stuff though like cigarettes or drugs. So instead of helping, it’s the other way around. Try to remember, you can always give food or donate to a charity if you wanna help.

One of the worst cases also is that he or she is not a real beggar. You can make a good money out of this and no tax especially if you know where is the best place to stay. This kind of incident caught on camera, a pregnant woman with a boy pretending to be a beggar but at the end of the day, she is driving a nice BWM and staying in a fancy apartment. This is not a life of beggar! See the full stories below.