Fearless Russian Model Got Summoned By The Dubai Police For Dangerous Photography Stunt On Cayan Tower

How far will you go just to get a perfect shot? A 23-yr-old Russian model Victoria Odintcova with 3.2 followers on Instagram alone went viral online after posting some photos and video on top of 75 stories and 306m tall Cayan Tower and dangling at the edge, held only by her assistant without any safety harness. It’s really breathtaking and take a lot of guts to do those stunts but not for the Dubai police.

The beautiful model got summoned by the Dubai authority and questioned about her dangerous actions and putting her life in danger. She was asked to sign an undertaking not to repeat it again. According to Major-General Khalil Ibrahim al-Mansouri, assistant chief of Dubai police that it is important for the residents of Dubai to avoid practicing dangerous hobbies such as this and obtain a proper permit before doing it.