10 Easiest Dog Training Tricks Every Owner Should Learn and Teach To Their Lovely Pet

Dogs are one of the smartest animals in the world and with proper dog training videos, you can turn them into an obedient, fun and extremely useful pet. Just like kids, you need to be careful and patient on the things you teach them. Dog training is not that hard as you think, you don’t need to hire a professional trainer for them in order to learn, with the proper exercises, methodology and little secrets we will share with you. Your adorable pet will learn in no time.

Many ask ‘What if my dog is not that smart?” and the answer is that all dogs can be trained no matter what kind of breeds they are. Dog training is also fun and a good bonding between you and your pet. If they learn a trick, it is one of the best feeling in the world as an owner. It’s like a reward of all your hard work.

Dog tricks is one good way to impress your friends when they visit you at home or show it to other people and other dog owners. Below are the easiest dog training tricks you can teach to your dog and you will surely love it. Happy dog training!

1) High Five

Dog is man’s best friend and like friends, we do high five when something good and exciting happened in our life. This is also the easiest dog trick you can teach your dog with few simple steps.

2) Roll Over

Teaching dog how to “Roll Over” needs a lot of patience when teaching. Careful not to touch your dog near the inguinal area, it may leads to raising his hind leg. Do it slowly and when mastered rolling over in one side, teach him to roll on the opposite side.

3) Spin

The spin trick may looks easy but it is not. It can only be done with proper dog training techniques. Checking where your dog where dog turns comfortably can be a good idea and starts it in that direction and you can teach him the other side later on.

4) Fetch

This is the best dog training tricks you can do when you are in the park or outside the house. It seems like dogs have weakness with ball, stick and other objects but it doesn’t come naturally will dogs and very frustrating sometimes with the owners. If your dog is one of them, don’t worry! The video will walk you through on how to teach them.

5) Hug

Everyone wants to feel the warm hug of our lovely dog. Best feeling when you are down or tired from work. With a simple hug, all the sadness and stress disappeared. This a perfect dog training menu for jumpy dogs.

6) Play Dead

This a good trick to impress your friends. One simple “Bang” command and your dog will play dead. This is easy to teach when your dog already knows how to “Roll Over” and a “Stay” command will be very useful too.

7) Bow

Like humans, dogs also needs to learn how to respect and show courtesy. The simple “Bow” dog training exercise can be done with hand gesture or by a command.

8) Kiss

Dogs love to give you kisses everyday and randomly but actually you can teach how to do it the right way. All you need is a tape as a lure and follow the step by step video below until he/she learned to kiss you on the cheek.

9) Dance

Seeing your dog dancing is the most adorable thing ever. This can be a little tricky to teach but it’s worth all the effort after your dog learn this trick.

10) Wave Goodbye

This kind of dog training is like an advanced version of high five. Just by a simple verbal cue, your dog can wave goodbye to you or to your friends.