Is Type O Blood Alarming? Check This Out!

Got an O blood type running your genes? Well, consider yourself unique! A universal blood donor which means you can transfuse blood to people of any ABO blood group, like blood type A, B, O or AB. But sad to say that you are not given the same opportunity when receiving blood is concerned. A group O individual can only receive blood from a group O individual.

But what does it takes to be a type O blood individual? Take a note.


Ilnesses such as ulcers and thyroid gland disorders are the most common problem among individual with this type of blood resulting to water retention and obesity. But on the other hand, research shows that people from O blood group has a better immune system that can actually better detect and even has the ability to destroy cancer cells than blood types A and B. So generally, these people are safe from cardiovascular diseases, memory disorders and cancer.


You are exceptional! A leader by blood, that’s what you are. You set a goal and never leave things unattended. You are that someone whose organized, authoritative, dedicated and focused. Consider it as an ancestral legacy with your blood running through generations to generation.

This attribute however, is more susceptible to stress, depression and to include, boredom. Therefore an individual with type O blood is quick to any impulsive response leading to an intemperate anger and even to a more destructive reaction. So, overstressed should be avoided.

How to take Care of Yourself

According to Dr. D’Adamo, proper diet is highly recommended like organic meats, vegetables and fruits. Wheat and dairy can trigger digestive and health issues. Avoid caffeine since it has the tendency to raise adrenaline and noradrenaline, which are already high to type O’s. In addition, alcohol should also be avoided.

A regular exercises which involves activity of cardiovascular and muscular skeletal system is recommended. A Type O individual who went through a regular exercise like three to four times each week will likely enjoy a well regulated, efficient chemical transport system, thus, resulting to a better emotional response.