Foods That Secretly Does Harm In Your Teeth.

Do you know that tooth enamel is the hardest substance in our body? But this fact does not give you the freedom to take that bite on anything using your teeth. Of course we all knew that eating any of those sugary foods invites bacteria to dwell within those pearly whites, thus, resulting to a painful damage and for having those most unwanted plaques in your teeth, but, for the information of everybody, there are those foods that we believed are safe for our teeth but actually, are not. So better check the list below because what you eat really matters! If you are still worried about your teeth after this, then you can easily go to your nearest doctor to get your teeth checked out. For example, you could go to somewhere like this Fort Wayne Dentist, but obviously you want to find somewhere that is close for you.


Obviously, apples are best eaten when fresh. Crunchy and of course, juicy. But do you know that apples are very rich in acid? And because acids can erode enamel from your teeth, it will be susceptible to damage. But this doesn’t mean you should prohibit yourself from eating apple. To quote a famous phrase: “an apple a day makes your doctor away” which is very true. So go, have a bite, but it is advised to rinse your mouth with water right after eating an apple and if possible, have your teeth brushed after a short while.


Eating bread can be a threat to your pearly whites. Breads has high sugar content especially those that are made out of processed flour. Aside from that, breads becomes sticky when incorporated with saliva so it can easily gets in-between teeth. So be keen enough and take time to check labels before grabbing one.

Diet Soda

It’s safe to say that diet soda is 100% sugar-free beverage. But this doesn’t give you the guarantee that drinking one will spare you from damaging your teeth. Diet soda is just as acidic as any regular sodas.

Pickled Foods

One of the main ingredients of pickled foods is of course vinegar which has a high acid content. Though its acidic properties can actually  whiten teeth because acids can eat away the stains that blocks the natural whiteness of your teeth, using it overtime can soften the protective covering of your teeth which is the enamel. So ones enamel is washed away, your teeth is in danger. So, then again, it is advisable to rinse your mouth with water after consuming pickled foods and wait for an hour before brushing.

Peanut Butter

Consider this food as a smile-wrecker. Its stickiness and ample amount of sugar heightens bacterial infection and plaque build up. In order to guard your teeth without sacrificing you cravings, you can look for a sugar-free peanut butter instead.


Coffee has undeniably captured the hearts of the many. But did you know that coffee has its share in damaging your teeth? Its number one component which is the caffeine can obstruct the production of saliva thus, drying the mouth. Normally, saliva flushes out harmful substances that enters the mouth like sugar which promotes tooth decay. So less saliva means greater chance of bacterial damage on your teeth.

French Fries

Finally, this crowd-pleasing food is definitely alarming to you pearly whites. As everyone knows, french fries are made out of potatoes which obviously has a high starch level contents which, as mentioned earlier, starch is converted into sugar which is the main cause of bacterial growth inside the mouth.