Should You Wash Raw Chicken?

Food contamination is caused by different factors which can lead to a serious health problem if not attended immediately. World Health Organization  pointed out more than 200 diseases are transmitted through food. 1 in 10 people gets sick from eating contaminated food and a yearly count of 420,000 people die as a result.

Experts says food can be contaminated during its production, distribution and preparation. Bacteria, viruses and parasites can be on food if not handled or cooked properly. That is why sanitary practices are strictly advised like washing food before cooking as the most common process. However, this practice is not as beneficial as we thought it was in the case of raw chicken. Find out why.

Microbes Contamination

Bacteria that is believed to be present in raw chicken can spread all through your working area if you wash it. Water that splashes from your chicken can transport bacteria on to hands, working surfaces, your cooking utensils nearby and to your apron or clothing.

Washing raw chicken does not give you any assurance that bacteria is removed. As it was mentioned, you are likely spreading bacteria around. Freezing only reduces levels of such but not totally eliminate it. A thorough cooking is the only way to kill bacteria in your meat.

On Campylobacter

One of the bacteria present in raw chicken is campylobacter. Campylobacter is responsible for most cases of food poisoning. Uk reported around 280,000 of their people suffered from food poisoning each year with four out of five cases are caused by contaminated chicken.

People that are positive to this condition suffers from abdominal pain, vomiting, severe diarrhea, and fever. This condition should be taken seriously for it can lead to a more complicated issues like irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, reactive arthritis and a serious condition of nervous system called Guillain Barre Syndrome. Worst of all, it will lead to death.

Children under five years old and elderly people for they have lower immune system are more susceptible. Pregnant woman may have the risk of miscarriage.

Salmonella Contamination

Salmonella are said to be present particularly in the intestines of chicken. Introduction of contaminated food into your body will likely result to vomiting, diarrhea, fever and of course abdominal pain. Although people can recover from this illness few days after, there’s still a risk for some serious complications like septicemia, an infection in the blood that can be fatal.

So it is therefore recommended not to wash raw chicken before cooking. If you wish to remove slimy substance from your chicken, you can gently wipe it with paper towel but be sure to dispose the towel after using.

Furthermore, we should always remember that such bacteria mentioned earlier can only be eradicated through a thorough cooking.

It is also a must to thoroughly wash all the used utensils including your hands and all the areas that came in contact with the raw chicken.