Snoring Problem? These Natural Remedies Will Definitely Help

“Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone”.(Anthony Burges). Snoring can be disturbing! Every roommates can attest to that. So while snorers are experiencing sleep disturbances, so as with those clamoring spouses and roommates around the globe whose sleep been interrupted and are having a hard time in putting their selves to sleep again.

“Snoring happens for different reasons regardless of age. Air passages obstructions causes one and for some severe snorers, health condition maybe a stake. Remedy for snoring can vary depending on the severity of it. This page offers natural solutions for this problem.

Room Moisture

Dry air is one contributor to snoring. When throat and nasal membranes are dried out, it will create blockage, thus, air from your nose cannot freely flow to your throat. If this happens, snoring is triggered.

To avoid this, you may take a hot shower before going to bed. This can help open nasal passages.You can also try covering your head with towel and then bend over the bowl filled with hot water with your nose about 15 centimeters from the water. Then do a deep breathing through your nose for a few minutes. This should be done before bedtime, as well.

Sleeping Position

Avoid lying on your back when sleeping. The base of your tongue and soft palate rest against the back wall of your throat, blocking the airways, thus, causing a vibrating sound during sleep. You may sleep on your side, instead.

You can also try elevating not just your neck and head but also your upper body. This position will help air to freely flow in your nasal passages so that you can have a better sleep.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can be beneficial for snoring as it can help liquefy and thin mucus. These oils can also help reduce the production of mucus.

You may mix some drops of essential oil into you humidifier so you can inhale its scent. Peppermint oil has a soothing agent that is best in clearing out congestion in your nasal passageways. It helps in upholding smooth flow of air in your respiratory tract, thus, snoring is lessen.

Loose Weight

Loosing weight can be beneficial in many ways including snoring problem. Overweight individual has greater chances of snoring because excess fats in their body can most likely block their throat and nasal passages which is a common cause of snoring. A healthy diet especially low calorie intake is the most easy way to reduce fats in your body.

Engaging in daily physical activities is also a great help in loosing weight. Loosing weight means clearing the air passages in your body for the air to freely flow.


As it was mentioned, too much fat can block air passages in your body, hence, snoring is triggered. Obviously, exercise plays an important role here. Start with simple ways like walking or brisk walking. A few miles does good. Cycling and hiking can be your best option. This way fats are burned and will be a big relief in breathing.

In serious cases, you might need medical advise. So it is best recommended to see you doctor and discuss the problem.