The 2016-2017 Top Ten Most Beautiful Faces That Popularly Dominates The World Of K-Pop

Korea is undeniably a home of talented and beautiful people. They actually take part in the increasing popularity of pop music all over the world.

South Korean popular music, known as K-pop has increasingly boost Korean culture in other countries. Korean music industry had continued to attract wider audiences especially their various K-pop group. In fact, they significantly influenced younger audiences with their fashion styles.

This page features some of the most loved faces in the K-pop world. Few interesting facts are also included in this article. Enjoy!

#10 IU


She was Lee Ji-eun in real life, popularly known by her stage name, IU. She started her music career when she was fifteen and was nationally recognized in 2010 with her lead single entitled “Good Day” from the album Real. IU’s  “Good Day” tops South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart for five consecutive weeks and holds the record for the most number of weeks at No.1 together with the “Gangnam Style” of Psy. She is also marked as a songwriter and producer of her own album. Her tremendous domain on the music charts nailed her as Korea’s “little sister”. Aside from music industry, IU has able to conquer the world of acting as she played lead roles in “You’re The Best”, “Lee Soon-shin”, “Pretty Man”, “The Producers” and “Moon Lovers:Scarlet Ryeo.”  IU  also does radio and television hostings.

IU was chosen as an ambassador for South Korea’s National Police Agency in their anti-bullying campaigns in schools in 2012 and became an honorary member of the police force in 2013. She was later promoted to honorary senior police officer in 2014.

#9 Krystal

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Korean-American singer Krystal is born Chrystal Jung Soo Jung. She started as a lead vocalist of South Korean girl group, “f(x)” in 2009. She was also a part of S.M. Entertainment’s project group, “S.M. The Ballad”Krystal was also into acting aside from her music career. She was included in the casts of various television dramas such as the 2011-12’s “High Kick 3”, “The Heirs” in 2013 and “My Lovely Girl” in 2014 which she played the lead role.

In April of 2016, Krystal was confirmed to be dating with Kai, a member of labelmate boy group, EXO.

#8 Hyeri


Lee hye-ri was a South Korean singer and an actress at the same time. Hyeri as she was popularly known, was the youngest member of the Kpop girl group “Girls Day”. She joined the group in 2010 along with Yura. In 2012, Hyeri also marked a name in television in the weekend drama, “Tasty Life”. Her acting career blossomed up and was able to played various roles in television dramas like “Reply 1998” of 2015 and “Entertainer” in 2016. Hyeri was named “Nation’s Little Sister” by the media and ranked 3rd in Forbes’  “Korea Power Celebrity” in 2016.

#7 Seohyun


Seo Ju-hyun or Seohyun debuted in August 2007 as a member of K-pop girl group “Girl’s Generation” where she is the main vocalist and a dancer as well. In 2012, Seohyun debuted as a member of TaeTiSeo together with her other group members, Taeyeon and Tiffany. The trio have released three albums, the “Twinkle” in 2012, “Holler” in 2014 and “Dear Santa” in 2015. She was also a songwriter and an actress. She was one of the casts of the original Korean versions of stage musicals like “Moon Embracing the Sun”, “Gone With The Wind” and” Mamma Mia.” She also played the lead role in “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” and debuted as a solo artist with her album entitled “Don’t Say No” on January 2017.

#6 Minah


She was from another K-pop girl group, “Girl’s Day” organized by Dream Tea Entertainment in 2010. Bang Min Ah or Minah as she is professionally known, was the main vocalist of the group. In 2015, Minah debuted as a solo singer. Her group ranked 13th in Korea Power Celebrity in 2015. Aside from singing, she is also into acting where she casted in various films and television series like “Vampire Idol” in 2011 and “Beautiful Gong Shim” in 2016.

#5 Yoona


From the girl group “Girls’ Generation”, Im Yoon-ah, popularly called Yoona in the industry, was so named “CF Queen” by the media because of her several television commercial films (In South Korea, a television advertisement is called CF or “commercial film”). In august 2007, she debuted as a member of the group. Girls’ generation became one of the best-selling artists in South Korea and one of the most popular girl groups worldwide. Yoona was also able to enter the world of acting where she won an award at the 2013 KBS Drama Awards.

#4 Yura


Yura is a member of Korean girl group, Girl’s Day. Kim Ah-young (Yura’s birth name) was the main rapper and vocalist of the group. She joined the group in 2010 together with Hyeri as a replacement for their two former members, Jiin and Jisun. Yura as an actress, made her acting debut in Sohu TV’s Chinese drama “Secret Angel” in 2012 where she played the role of Yubin. She was also one of the official couples (paired with model turned actor Hong Jong-hyun) for the variety show “We Got Married.”

#3 Suzy


Bae Su-ji, better known as Suzy, is a member of the girl group “miss A” under JYP Entertainment. Her name became popular in 2011 when she became the part of the musical drama “Dream High”. Her popularity continued to blossom as an actress when she does various roles in a romantic film :”Architecture 101″ in 2012, a historical-fantasy film “Family Book” in 2013 and melodrama “Uncontrollably Fond” in 2016. She had able to bag a best actress award in the film industry. In January 2017, Suzy made her solo singing debut with her pre-release single “Pretend”.

#2 Tzuyu


She was a Taiwanese singer that is based in South Korea.  Chou Tzu-yu being so named Tzuyu on stage is a member of the K-pop girl group “Twice” under JYP Entertainment. The group made its debut in October 2015.

In 2015, Tzuyu was involved in a flag controversy on the Korean variety show “My Little Television” to which resulted to a complicated issue.

According to a Gallup Korea survey, Tzuyu ranked third as the most popular idol among koreans in 2016.

#1 Nana


From South Korean girl group “After School” and its subgroup “Orange Caramel”, Im Jin-ah, popularly known as Nana ranked second on the Independent Critics List of 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2013., rose to the top rank in 2014 and again topped the 2015 list.

She was once a participant of the 2009 Asia Pacific Super Model Contest. Furthermore, Nana is a licensed makeup artist and is a member of the makeup Artists Association.

This year, Nana played supporting role in the television drama “The Good Wife” and received positive reviews.