The World’s Unbelievably Real Woman

Every individual is created unique and it is too absurd to envision that one is perfectly shaped than the other or that someone is more competent to outshine anyone in this world. Though uniquely different, some people may sometimes share the same perception on how to be distinct and live a little higher each day.

In our modern world, being different gains vast popularity especially in aspects that are visible in the naked eye. Some may have naturally acquired it and others may have spent tremendous amount just to be different. If this is something which you are thinking about doing then make sure you have done your research, you might want to think about looking at something like this Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship Program to give you a better idea of what to look for.

Intentionally or not, images below shows some personality that looked bizarrely different that one can’t even imagine their existence are real. Check this out!

#10 Plastic Surgery Fails


Socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein is widely recognized for her extensive cosmetic surgeries. She was the ex-wife of the late billionaire Alec Wildenstein from the wealthy family of art dealers. Because her ex-husband loved big cats, she decided to undergo plastic surgery to draw out a catlike look just to please him. Despite her unusual look, Wildenstein feels beautiful and contented because she completely got what she wanted.

#9 The woman with the largest breast


The woman with the largest breasts in the world is a German glamour model was born Mayra Hills or popularly known as Beshine. This 34 year old woman underwent surgical teardrop breast implants with 10 litres of saline solution making each breast weigh 9kg (20lb). Incredibly heavy for a normal daily undertakings. Seems she’s enjoying it anyway.

#8 Most Tattooed Woman On Earth


Julia Gnuse holds the title of the ‘most tattooed woman in the world’. This 61 years old woman was also called ‘The illustrated Lady’ because 95% of her body, including her face, are covered with different tattoos. Julia comes up with this idea when she was in her mid 30s when she encountered skin blistering problem that often result in scarring. So to cover up the scars, she decided to try colorful tattoos among which are her favorite actors, favorite cartoons and a portrait of herself. Hard to believe but true.

#7 Woman Who Can Pop Out Eyes


Such a scary thing to look at. But Kim Goodman holds the world record for the ‘farthest eyeball protrusion’. One day she was hit with a hockey mask on the head. Her eyeballs popped out more than usual and from that day forward, she was able to pop them out (about 0.47 inches) whenever she wanted to and also by the time she yawns. Ridiculous!

#6 World’s Shortest Woman


She was Joy Amge, the ‘world’s smallest living woman’ from India. On December 21, 2011 after her 18th birthday, she was officially declared to hold the record by the Guinness World Records with a height measured 62.8 centimetres (2ft .06 in). Her condition was due to anchondroplasia, a common cause of dwarfism.

#5 World’s Tallest Woman


The world’s tallest woman was recorded to have a towering height of 6.8 ft. She was Elisany da Cruz Silva from Brazil. Elisany condition was called gigantism and is brought about by the tumor on her pituitary gland. Elisany’s life partner, Francinaldo was only 5ft 4in tall.

#4 Woman with the Longest Hair


It’s no fairytale at all. Asha Mandela from Florida holds the title of ‘woman with the longest hairs in the world’ as per recorded on the book of Guinness world records. Asha admitted that her every day life was really a stressful hair day for her since she would spend longer time than normal for perming and styling her hair only to be in parks and playgrounds. But later, she started to love every aspects of it.

#3 Woman with the Longest Nails


The world’s longest nails belonged to Christine Walton. She was a singer from Las Vegas with the stage name ‘The Dutchess’ that has not cut her fingernails since 1990. Walton holds the Guinness world record as of 2011. In 2013, The Dutchess’ nails had grown to 7.314m or 23ft 11in combined to be exact. Quiet absurd, but unbelievably true.

#2 A Real Life Barbie


Valeria Lukyanova is a Ukrainian model and entertainer best described as ‘real-life Barbie doll’ and ‘human barbie’. To achieve this look, Lukynova uses makeup and contact lenses. She underwent breast implants and claims that the rest of her body is completely natural and slender which according to her, was achieved through daily gym workouts and special diet. Whether the claims are true or not, these doesn’t refute the fact that this woman truly exists and that she completely looks like a Barbie doll.

#1 Vampire Woman


Maria Jose Cristerna is a mother of four children. She’s a tattoo parlor owner and a licensed lawyer from Guadalajara, Mexico. Cristerna was recorded as the ‘female with the most tattoos and body modifications’ by the Guinness World Records. Named as a ‘Mexican Vampire Woman’, Cristerna has a total of 49 body modifications. Her entire body is covered with ink, piercings and implants and to add the titanium horns embedded in her skull and fangs fixed in her gums. This modifications began after having the courage to leave her abusive husband for ten long years.