These Couple’s Photos Went Viral. Find Out Why!!!!

All is fair in love! And everything follows. In this beautiful world we lived in, all dwellers are children of the same God, gifted with the very same power to fully dominate our own brilliant minds to come up with our own choice and granted the right to form our own opinions even for the very simple matter seen by our naked eye.

And so, this best explains why these photos below went viral in social media. Take a look, be amazed and you too, is entitled with your own point of view.

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This lovely couple has set social media on fire and are still making it loud today and for sure followers keep on coming as reactions vary and opinions are sometimes debatable.

She was Lucy LuvElla and he is Pen Visa on Facebook. An ordinary couple but has become extraordinary because of their individuality.

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This is one of the photos uploaded by her with the sweetest caption “my small family” that captured the hearts of the netizens but earned unlikable response to others, as well. Criticisms that are sometimes unhealthy.

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These couple became viral on line because of their differences in the outward looks and yet, are completely happy and in love with each other. And the wife got the most praises here for obvious reason, and I don’t want to give a push.

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As one author says, “The color of one’s skin is not the mark of the man”. There can be more of him that only a heart can see.  And it’s no important as to who’s lucky and who’s not.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sittingLove moves mysteriously and every love story is unique on its own special way. These couple may relish the moment of being glorified by the society but stinking criticisms is unacceptable because all is truly fair in love.