The World’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Beach Volleyball Players of 2017

Volleyball as one the most participated sports, has definitey come a long long way. It became more and more competitive and in fact, it is now internationally played. Volleyball game continues to amaze everyone with all the tremendous smashing and the nerve rocking jumping to great heights.

Along with its worldwide popularity, so goes the crowd’s favorite players. And while extraordinary spikers and servers tops the lists, gorgeous women with their superb prowess makes a blast as well.

So, here’s a list of the world’s top ten most beautiful beach volleyball players of 2017.

#10 Talita Antunes da Rocha

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Brazilian beach volleyball player, Talita Antunes da Rocha was crowned “Queen of the Beach” in Brazil in 2008. In 2001, Antunes caught the attention of Jacqueline Silva (Olympic champion) the first time they played together. The later invited Antunes to partner with her in 2002 where they won the South American Championship. She was the 2005’s FIVB rookie of the year and became the World Tour Winner in 2013 and 2015.

#9 Sanne Keizer 


She is a Dutch professional beach volleyball and indoor volleyball player as well. Year 1996 when she started her career as an indoor volleyball player at Orion Doetinchhem. Her international career as beach volleyball player was in 2002 at the early age of 17 being teamed up with Arjanne Stevens where she became Under-18 World Champion.

#8 Marta Menegatti


Twenty-six years old Marta Menegatti was an Italian beach volleyball player from Rovigo, Rovigo Italy. She started by playing indoor volleyball at the early age of 9 and joined beach volleyball when she reached 14 years old. Menegatti had her first olympic competition in 2012 and had made it to olympics for the second time in 2016. Undoubtedly stunning and is known for wearing a pair of pearl earrings while inside the court.

#7 Sophie Van Gestel


Sophie van Gestel was a dutch beach volleyball player born on June 29,1991 in Oostelbeers. She had competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics tournament paired with Madelein Meppelink but was lost in 16’th round to Brazilians Juliana Felisberta and larissa Franca.

#6  Maria Elisa Antonelli


Another significant beauty noted for her extraordinary game plan is Maria Elisa Mendes Ticon Antonelli, known as Maria Elisa. Originated from Brazil, Antonelli had participated in the 2012 London Olympics being teamed up with Talita where they made it to the 8’th round after defeated by Kristyna Kolocova and Marketa Slukova of Czech.

#5 Manon Flier


Pretty faced spiker, Manon Flier is a professional volleyball player from the Netherlands. Flier earned various awards since her professional career started. She was named the “Most Valuable Player” at the 2007 FIVB World Grand Prix held in Ningbo, PR China. She had also bagged the “Best Spiker” award. During the 2013-14 Azerbaijan Super League, she won the bronze medal together with Igtisadchi Baku and awarded as the “Best Server” as well.

#4 Rachel Wacholder




She was one of the most popular beach volleyball player who does modelling at the same time. She has played a total of 168 beach volleyball events, 47 of which were played internationally. Records shows that as of 2009, she has eight victories and 22 runner-up performances. She was the ACC’s 1993 “Player of the Year”.

#3 Gabrielle Reece




One of the leading beautiful faces in the world of professional beach volleyball. Gabrielle Reece is from California but was raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Florida. Tall and athletic, Reece was into modelling as well. Apart from being a great player, Reece gains popularity because of her stunning looks. She was in fact named one of the “Five Most Beautiful Women in the World” by Elle magazine.

#2 Jennifer Kessy


Jennifer Kessy, a professional beach volleyball player from California who holds a record of 0 losses in any matches she played.  Her team up with Barbara Fontana (former Olympian) in 2004 was a success that actually helped her to be in the top 10 ranking and won the “Most Improved Player” award. In 2012, Kessy and Ross has won the Olympic silver medal in beach volleyball.

#1 Marketa Slukova

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She’s definitely the most successful beach volleyball player in the history of the Czech Republic. She had gained various awards including the 2010’s FIVB World Tour Top Rookie, 5’th place at the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London, bagged 3 gold FIVB medals from 2014-2015, and 1 bronze FIVB medal in 2014. Slukova was not only famous with her playing prowess but with her beautiful face that stuns everyone outside and inside the court.