Macaulay Culkin’s Adorable Comeback

He was once an adorable and famous little kid but seems deprived for being a child! Macaulay Culkin as one of the most famous American child stars had somehow left a deep-seated mark within  our hearts. And it’s sad to note that things aren’t that great about him lately as he passes the cructial stage of his life confused and forbidden by family guidance since he was left no other choice but to live for himself at a very young age.

Mac, as he was to his family and close friends, started to enter showbiz at a very young age of 4, began doing movie castings at 8 and draw a prominent identity with his standout performance in “Uncle Buck” along with famous John Candy when he was 9.

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But then of course, the most exemplary performance he had when he was 9, playing the lead role as “Kevin McCallister” in the 1990 “Home Alone” had nailed him to be a famous child actor. The movie was a blockbuster making it one of the highest grossing movies of all time and Macaulay Culkin, adressed as one of the biggest movie stars of the time.


Mac became the face of several big movies like “My Girl” who was another big hit for him, the high-grossing film ($172 million in the US alone) “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” in 1992 and the film that marked the end of his adorable little comedian identity, “The Good Son” in 1993.


In 1994, he was given the highest pay ever given to a child star in the movie “Richie Rich” though he had somehow failed to charm the public this time. The year after, family feud brought out confuseness to a teenager like him.


Mac’s parents got separate ways leaving his custody to his father and him, was lost in the picture when he was 14. He quits school, married her childhood sweetheart, actress Rachel Miner at the age of 17 and unfotunately separated in 2000.


After a decade of being away from the limelight, at around 2004, he started accepting small roles  in movies and a guest spot in the hit sitcom Will & Grace.

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But his comeback drew some sneaking suspicion for Mac looked so unhealthy. Some are wondering if he’s been hooked with too much alcohol or maybe seriously screwed up with the abusive drugs. This sight of him ripped the hearts of his devoted fans.


As what he once said in 2006, “Acting found me. I thought maybe I should try to find it again. We’ll see.” Mac seems tracking the right way again. He is slowly coping up with those long troubled years he had.


He is somehow gaining extra weight and looked even tidier and seems to be helthier than he was before. What is more important was, this golden kid before that was lost for a quiet longer years had finally making his mind up.

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His looks somehow offers a promise of remarkable comeback to his saddened supporters showing everyone that though once in his life he was misguided, now he was able to managed himself to become a man with determination.

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And this year, It essems Mac will not be left “Home Alone” forever. He’s been dating Jordan Lane Price since 2013. Here’s just hoping that their relationship will last for a lifetime.

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