Poor-Looking Old Man Ignored At A Store, Shocks Everyone When He Buys Harley In Full Cash!

Because we are living through the fact that every individual is labeled with anyone’s evaluation, it always pays to dress appealingly. Most people assess one’s standing by their outward appearances. It’s sad to think that human nature sometimes can be seriously unjust!

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Just recently,  at Amphoe Khai Bang Rachan in the province of Sing Buri, Thailand, an aged man dressed miserably entered the Maxsingburibigbike shop. An old man is wearing an old loose shirt, worn-out pants and a pair of flip-flops casually enters the shop.

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The shop people does noticed the shabbily dressed old man looking closely at the Harley Davidson motorcycle which costs 600,000 baht (17,361dollars or 866,599.49 pesos) but pays no attention on him with the thought that the man just wanted to take a look on the bike since they already assumed that this man got nothing on his pocket because of his outward appearance.

Source: www.theboredmind.com 

And since ignored by people in-charged, he requested the attention of the shop owner and was lucky enough to be attended by him.The two then had a ten minutes conversation. After some short questioning about the chosen motorcycle, the man closely checked the motorcycle and was convinced to buy it.

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The next scene brought a complete surprise to everyone. After a thorough questioning, the old man unexpectedly bring out 600,000 baht in full cash! It was really a big shock especially to the sales crew. Who would expect someone bearing such outward representation has that certain capacious amount for a luxurious motorcycle?

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Overwhelmed by the shocking scene, some people had taken pictures of this poor-looking old man and his newly bought Harley Davidson motorcycle. The store had this featured on their Facebook page. And soon the story went viral on social media.

Source: www.google.com.ph

The man took time to visit the shop again for some customization on his bike. And this time, he was all the way dressed in a biker fashion.

In a Facebook comment by the old man’s sister, she revealed that Lung Decha (old man’s real name) was not really that rich. He was just a simple hard-working mechanic with no vices at all. Upon his retirement, he had actually saved certain amount after all the years of hard works. Decha thought this is the right time for him to accomplish his long time ultimate dream- to own a David Harley motorcycle and which he now had.