They’re The Most Unique Couples In The Universe

Our world  offers us infinite possibilities of acquiring happiness. Because love knows no boundaries, no gender, no color nor a status in life, we’re certainly free to choose what and who we wanted to share our life with. It is indeed a great thing to go through life with genuine joy in our hearts.

Couples below showed the world how love moves… sometimes predictable, sometimes not and sometimes it comes in the most uniquely odd dimensions. Do love grow under any condition? Find out below.

#10 Martin Van Buren And Anna Haining Swan


Famous with the name “Kentucky Giant”, Martin Bates stands with a towering height of 7 feet 7.5 inches tall married Anna Haining Swan, a 7 feet and 11 inches Canadian giantess. The two were married at St. Martin-in-the- Fields in London in 1871. The wedding gained so much public attention mainly because of the couple’s unusual height. In fact, Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom gave two t.-large diamond-studded gold watches as her wedding presents for the couple.

May of 1874 when they were blessed with a normal sized child. Their second child was born on January, 1879 and it was an every inch a normal child. Anna passed away in 1888. Martin was able to marry again and this time, he was married to a woman of normal height.


#9 Ahmed Muhammed Dore and Safia Abdulleh


Age gap became common among our married couples. But this case was unbelievably true. Ahmed Muhammed Dore, was 112 years old  when he married a 17 years old girl named Sofia Abdullah. Dore was already married to 5 women, (3 of whom were already dead) and had 13 children by the time of marriage. An age gap of 95 years was really hard to believe but for this couple, it’s not impossible.


#8 Flavio Briatore And Elisabetta Gregoraci


Flavio Briatore is an Italian businessman who started off as a restaurant manager and as an insurance salesman in Italy. Briatore married “Wonderbra” model Elisabeth Gregoraci who started to work on the Italian television show “Libero” as a dancer. The two, despite of the big difference in their age got married on June 14, 2008 and was blessed with a son in 2010.

#7 Ben Brown And Jenna Bentley


Jenna Bentley… she’s a supermodel, she’s hot, and she’s young. At 25, supermodel dated a wealthy old businessman, Ben Brown.This couple makes headlines when their pictures hit the internet. To be in loved with someone 30 years older is a bit odd, but this was really happening. Genuinely in love, the two is just another couple who doesn’t care what the world has to say.

#6 Sean Stephenson And Mindie Kniss


His inability does not hinder him to live a normal lovelife. Sean Stephenson was only three feet tall and is not able to move without his wheelchair. He was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, a disease that causes weak bones and can break easily. It is also called the brittle bone disease. But despite of this, he’s a professional therapist, a self-help author, a motivational speaker and most of all, a husband to a normal and beautiful woman, Mindie Kniss of Arizona. The couple was just like any normal pair with a normal sexual life.


#5 Anton Kraft And China Bell


Height does not really matters! And their case has a twist.  Anton Kraft was only 4 feet and definitely he’s some kind of a dwarf man. He’s been married, yes, but to a 6.3 feet ‘transgender’ woman. And theirs is the sole case that happened in the whole world.

Kraft as a weight lifting champion of his class, can actually lift about four times of his own weight. His wife China Bell has since been transformed from male to a gorgeous female. All is really possible in love.

#4 Kyle Jones and Marjorie McCool


We have earlier pointed out some incredible age differences among several couples. And mostly older men are likely to have paired with younger women. But this case is the other way around with the most weird case.

Marjorie McCool is more than 60 years older than Kyle Jones. The two were in love and yes, quite common. But what was shocking was, she was his real grandmother! Kyle even declared that he had an active sexual life with his very own grandmother. Very bizarre but it happened!

#3 Paul Butzki/Maria Butzki?Peter Gruman


Maria Butzki is 33 years old from the Barking region of England and is having an unusual love story. Butzki, her husband and ex-lover lives harmoniously in one house. She said neither of the two she can live without. She said none of them including her shared the same room. She further explained that intimate acts only happens when the other is not present.

Her story may had drove you crazy but we have to admit the fact that odd things can really happen and only time can tell when does enough is enough.

#2 Gabriela and Victor Peralta

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This couple is uniquely famous because of those tattoos covering their entire body. Victor Hugo Peralta from Uruguay, had his 90% body portion covered with tattoos and Gabriela from Argentina has 65%. This couple was recorded in Guinness World Record as the couple with the most number of body modifications. The two has been together for decades now.

#1 Amanda Rodgers and Sheba

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Theirs is completely bizarre that’s why they topped the list. Amanda Rodgers was a 47 years old woman who chooses to marry her loyal pet dog, Sheba, a four year old Jack Russell. This british woman had once married to a man but their marriage didn’t last long.

Rodgers confessed: “Sheba had been in my life for years, making me laugh and comforting me when I was feeling low. I couldn’t think of anything more I need from a life partner.” That’s why she married Sheba in front of 200 people.