Hollywood’s Hottest Dads Of 2017

Hollywood is certainly a home of dashing good looking people. Categorically, you can name a lot of them, actually. And since “Father’s Day” is a little bit closer, let’s spare this page for Hollywood dads who are still, despite of their busy world, had managed to maintain good looks and stunning bods.

Check the list below of this oozing Hollywood actors who plays the role not only in the industry but as a dotingly hot father as well.

#10 Hugh Jackman

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He is certainly getting hotter as he aged. A highly respected man in the industry that played a number of roles and proven that aside from award winning acting skills he can also sing and dance as well. Who would have thought that this gorge is already merried for 16 years and has 2 children! A total package of perfection.

#9 Ashton Kutcher

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The 70s Show alum is father to daughter Wyatt with Mila Kunis, who had revealed that if it were up to Kutcher, their daughter “would be the very first female professional NFL coach, specifically for the Chicago Bears.”

#8 Will Smith

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He was once been listed as “the most powerful actor in Hollywood” (2007). Famous rapper turned actor and producer. That is Will Smith, a cool father to three kids. At 48, Smith still active and notoriously witty. He was often described as super cool, funny and down-to-earth talented guy who loves his family so much.

 #7 Orlando Bloom

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Orlando bloom’s still looking great at 40! Though been separated for years, Bloom and Miranda Kerr had maintained a good relationship together with their son. Actor and “super dad” to his doting son, had once said that being a mom or dad makes you even sexier and that it’s the most challenging part of his life. 

#6 Matt Damon

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The Forbes’ 2007 most bankable star, Matt Damon was a doting father of four, Isabella, Gia Zavala, Stella Zavala and to a stepdaughter, Alexia Barroso from his wife’s (Luciana) previous marriage. An accomplished actor who also produces films and a screenwriter as well says being a dad was his most important job and he loves it.

#5 Robert Downey, Jr.

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The Iron Man himself is still looking great through the years. Super hero actor had topped the forbes’ list of highest-paid actors of Hollywood in three consecutive years, from 2012-2015. Along with his millions, he also had a successful married life being married to his second wife, Susan Downey where he had a son, Elias and Exton Elias from his first marriage to Deborah Falconer to which he was officially devorced.

 #4 Ricky Martin 

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He was first known to be a famous singer from a Latin all boy-band group “Menudo” started out at the age of 12 but left the group for schooling. Later in his life, he too ventured on acting. A devoted father to his twins via surrogate, looks super hot since he does a regular exercise like jogging and cycling and still dances out with a groove.

#3 David Becham

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Who can resisit the scorching hotness of David Beckham? No one, yeah right, no one..! He is definetly one of the sexiest man alive. The tatoos, the hair, the bod, you’re staring at a demi-god. He is one of the football legend and the greatest actor of his generation. And to think that he is already a great dad makes him more sexier.

#2 Brad Pitt

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One of the most influential and powerful man in the entertainment industry, Brad Pitt was also listed as the world’s attractive man by different media outlet. Pitt aside from being a famous actor, had been everyone’s choice for his whopping sex appeal despite of being a father of six with Angelina Jolie though the later had filed a divorce last year citing irreconcilable differences.

#1 Adam Levine

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Maroon 5 lead vocalist Adam Levine is extremely hot as he just entered the phase of being a dad celebrity. Levine is happy to embrace fatherhood to his child with wife, Behati Prinsloo, a Namibian Victoria’s Secret model and is still active with his band at the same time.