She Is Captivating, She Is Hot! Carina Linn Was Dubbed As The “World’s Sexiest Nurse”

She’s got the looks, a voluptuos body, and she hotly shot a name in the internet world. Carina Linn is a 23 years old Taiwanese registered nurse. She is currently working at one of the busy hospital in Taipei, Taiwan. Carina Linn’s Instagram page is violenlty gaining so much attention today that in fact, she was dubbed as the world’s sexiest nurse.


Carina, on her Instagram account used to upload superlicious selfies that somehow drew so much attention. 487k followers are fiesting on these captivating photos. If you want to have as many followers as Carina, then why not have a look at socialfollow and find at some ways in which you can begin to up your own social media numbers?

Source: Instagram/carinalinn_

While her photos keeps burning on Internet, different reactions has been raised. And was even criticized by some.


On her statement, Carina said:

“I am me, I do things that make me feel happy, I don’t think that I am anything special or extraordinary, I am just someone leading an ordinary life. I’m not taking pictures because I’m trying to be famous”. STOMP

Source: Instagram/carinalinn_

“Moreover, you should not have any opinions about me. Why? Because I am serious about work and I am serious about life”. Source: Instagram/carinalinn_

For most of us think it is unfortunate to be disiked by others, but to Carina, it’s no big deal. Captioning one snap, she wrote:

“You can criticize me privately, that is your freedom of speech, but I can not stand you questioning my nursing profession. #Iamanursingteacher #nursingismyskill #caringismyprofession.”


She further stressed out,

“There’s no rule that a nurse cannot become a model when not on duty”.

Source: Instagram/carinalinn_

We are made not to dominate someone but ourselves. You and I have different assessment to things around us. So stand by your own opinion, and I’ll keep mine. What is more important is that we will be able to cultivate spiritual nature amidst this modern age.