Unbelievable Families That Shocks The World

A family is said to be the prime foundation for the development of every child’s culture and beliefs.   Though environment can be sometimes a strong contributing factor socially, still family holds the framework of developing ones self. That’s why every family uniquely differs from each other.

But did you ever heared of these families who shocks the world because of their unbelievable history? Some are quiet weird, funny, creepy and hard to believe but this is their real story. And here’s a short glimpse of these families, popularly depicting an unblievable history worldwide.

#10 The Duggar family (1 Couple 19 Children)

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Jim Bob and Michelle Dugar had unbelievably brought forth 19 kids! The couple, being a devout Baptists, has a strong faith in values of purity, thus, allowing the Creator to work out for the number of children they could bear. So definitely no contraceptives at all. Presently, they had ten boys and 9 girls and their faith in God allows them for unpredictable possibilities.

#9 Chana Family ( A man with 39 wives)

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They are all living together in a 100-room of four storey house! Yes, this man had able to managed this extremely large family- 39 wives, 94 children, 14 daughters-in-law and a total of of 33 grandchildren. Ziona Chana had the biggest family in the world as per recorded in the book of Guinness world record. Chana stresses out that he was somehow a lucky man to be the head of the world’s largest family.

#8 Marshall Family (the fake boob family)

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Definitely happy with their fake breasts, this mother and her 4 daughters had a multiple breast enhancements through operations, probably the pain that made them delightfully happy. But Britney, the youngest among the family was an exception since she refuses to do so. All she dreamt of was to be able to go to university since all her siblings weren’t, got a business and travel around the world.

#7 Manson Family (the psychopaths family)

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A notorious group led by Charles Manson. He was a musician before being labelled as a notorious serial killer. He was infamous for his array of killings started from 1969 to 1971. The Manson family is composed of large gathering of people with common interests, values and beliefs with Charles Manson implifieng himself as Christ. The group acclaimed national notoriety after the infamous murder of actress Sharon Tate and four others at the very same the same time.

#6 Lia and Aro (the vampire couple)

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Because they believe that each others’ blood will strongly bind them forever, Lia Benninghoff and Aro Draven holds a blood drinking session of at least once a week. Kind of weird, but this two lovers even posted a graphic video on internet showing how they painfully cut themselves and drink each others’ blood. Quiet absurd, but it’s their belief. Who are we to contradict?

#5 Theresa Knorr and Children (a psycho mother)

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She verbally, physically and psychologically abusing her six children whom she begot from her four husbands. Yes, Theresa Knorr was married four times but unfortunately got divorced from all of them after a short period of time. For longer years, her children suferred so much torturing like forced feeding, beating with objects, cigarette burning, throwned with knives and threatening them with a gun. While she was at her worst, she had shot her eldest daughter in the chest, the reason why she was sentenced to life inprisonment.

#4 Podkopaev Family (the family of serial killers)

Killing for money! This is how a family living in Russia had ran their lives for six years. Police authorities had recorded at least 30 murders and countless robberies during this span of years. Former nusery teacher, Inessa Tarverdiyeva (mother), dentist Roman Podkopaev (father), Viktoria Tarverdiyeva (Tarverdiyeva’s daughter from her first marriage) and their younger daughter, Anastasiya were all part of the crime. They were actually regarded as “family of monsters” where murder and robbery was just like an ordinary daily office work for them. Everyone in the family had met their fate in different manner that eventually put a stop to those crimes.

#3 Fritzl Family (the psycho father, foolish mother and unlucky daughter)

Image result for 3. The Fritzl Family (The Psycho Father, Foolish Mother and Unlucky Daughter)Source: storyplug.com

It’s so sad that this is happening! This case was brought out publicly in 2008, when Elisabeth Fritzl reported out to the police authorities of Austria that she had been abused by her father, Josef Fritzl for a shocking 24 years of her life. She was according to her, was locked up in the basement and worst was she was being raped and tortured with whom she had given birth to 7 children! Their case was finally found out when the eldest daughter named Kerstin was brought to the hospital because of a serious illness which led to the discovery.

#2 Gray Clan (the outlaw family)

This family who does not believe in government laws firmly says “we fear no man and believe in eye for eye”. Gray Clan was from a small town in Texas composed of a dozen men and women believing no law for 15 years. The group led by John Joe Gray was considered to the longest-running law enforcement  standoff in American history. No running water, no electricity, but had lots of guns.

#1 Colt Clan (the incest family)

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Theirs was a very sensitive case that shocked the public. Discovered in 2013, this Colt clan from Australia consisting of about 40 members (from grandparents to mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, nephews, brothers and sisters), who were reportedly engaging in different forms of incest. Everybody in the clan. This is quiet horrible but the clan been living in not so comfortable life, isolating theirselves in a place where house was built with tin roofs, no water supply, no electricity and some family members suffered deformities because of course scientifically speaking, engaging Incest is a big risk.