Believe in Destiny, Filipina Woman Marries American Guy Who Donated Christmas Gift To Her 14 Years Ago

Destiny is the best thing that you can described about the love story of this beautiful couple, Tyrel Wolfe and Joana Marchan. Tyrel who grew in Midvale, Idaho who donated a shoebox gift filled with toys, picture of him signed at the back and his address through a charity organization Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child when he was 7-yr-old and guess who is the lucky recipient of Tyrel’s gift, it was Joanna who was 8-yr-old at that time.

That small gift really made Joanna very happy and really want to thank him someday. She even tried writing a letter to him but Tyrel failed to receive the letters and then one day, Joanna tried to search Tyrel on facebook and found him and send a friend request.

Even Tyrel got curious that he has a friend request from the Philippines and ask Joanna through chat “How do you know me?” and the Filipina started to tell him the story. Tyrel got blown away and cannot believe that it is really happening.

A small facebook messages grew into something really special and when Tyrel had enough money, he visited Joanna in the Philippines and with they meet it was magic and a real destiny. Even the year after, Tyrel came back twice in the Philippines and asked father’s Joanna for his daughter’s hand.

Who would have thought that a small gift could lead to a real life fairytail.

Watch the story below: