Celebrity Photobombers… Made Strangers’ Photos Extra Special!!!

You must agree with me, you gotta be grateful when someone “big” photobombs you! Yes, sometimes we find it irritating when somebody ruins our suppose to be ‘picture perfect’ moments. But how about if they happened to be a celebrity? You must be luckier, don’t you. They actually don’t ruin the moment but instead, they made it extra special!

This page is a collection of some funny moments captured by a camera when a photobomber happens to be a star! It’s absolutely hilarious. This will definitely entertain your gloomy day. Check this out!

#1 A special portrait: with an extra special background.

Source: twitter.com

Sealed with a kiss… this newlywed’s photograph was made even more extra special with Zach Braff on the background. Lucky couple.

#2 Do it like the “The Terminator” way

Source: pantip.com

Yeh, it’s an Eiffel Tower over there! But oh no, it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger right here! This happens when a group of tourists pose for a  souvenir photo in front of the famous tower.

#3 Photobombed by ‘Her Majesty’

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

Her majesty does it perfectly! Queen Elizabeth photobombs racegoer at Newbury Racecourse. Allan said: “It was a total accident on my part but you can clearly see that she knows what is happening.”

#4 It pays to get fit and be photobombed by an actor

Source: www.reddit.com

This was taken in Boston while out for a jogging, a woman pose for a photograph but lucky enough, she was joined by a photobomber with non other than Kevin Spacey.

#5 “Walk This Way” and steal for pics. 

Source: imgur.com

This woman doesn’t even knew who’s that man behind her. Not until she posted this photo, it’s when she found out that he was Steven Tyler himself.

#6 “Thor” owned this shot

Source:  www.instagram.com

chrishemsworth: “Hey guys get out of my shot”.  Funny Instapost. Sorry guys, cute scene intruder spoiled the serenity behind.

#7 Royalty photobomber

Source: www.lifeandstylemag.com

“Photo of the day…A Royal photo bomb by Prince Harry,” a Facebook post by Sheiler. Taken at the Commonwealth Games with New Zealand’s Deputy Chef de Mission, Trevor Sheiler and  head coach of the Samoa rugby sevens team, Sir Gordon Tiejens.

#8 He’s definitely not “Breaking it Bad” 

Source: imgur.com

Aaron Paul of the “Breaking Bad” had actually boosted that festive mood from a far in this photo taken at Coachella Music Festival.

#9 Dwyne Johnson is rockin’ around

Source: www.reddit.com

“The Rock” stole the show!  An actor, a famous wrestler and a professional photobomber.

#10 When does “Star Trek” tricks?

Source: imgur.com

Oh yeah, it’s during this scene… and Wil Wheaton knows the perfect timing. And how we all wished to be ‘them’!