See The Amazing Transformation Of A US Marine Into A Beautiful Blonde After 23yrs Of Hiding

The story of the former US marine, Sona Avedian is a true inspiration for all the people out there who struggles with their gender.

Sona is formerly known as Matthew when he was young. At the age of 4, she knew that she is a woman but because of her conservative family, she has to deal with situation and try to be a guy life everyone expects her to be.

It’s not an easy path for Sona, she did all the manly things and to prove her masculinity. She started bulking up to an intimidating 238 lbs, growing a beard, joining the marine and even married to a woman.

Matthew was married to Lucy and even have a daughter. He served 6 combats tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In 2012, he cannot take it anymore and decided to come out of the closet after 23 years of hiding which is why she divorced his wife in 2013.

In just 15 months, Sona transformed into a beautiful blonde woman due to Hormone Therapy Replacement, you couldn’t even recognize any trace of Matthew in her new personality.