The Top Ten Most Disliked Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood celebrities as a public figure were always been subjected to any forms of criticisms. And whether they liked it or not, there’s nothig they can do to stop these. And though everyone  of them can be a crowd pleaser, not all of them had that magnetic personality. They become a disturbance, instead.

And running over the lists, several famed celebrities had somehow failed to control over their words as well as their acts, thus, displeases the public. It’s really nothing personal. Just basing on the authentic evidence and sources.

#10 Mel Gibson


The main man of several most recognized films like “Mad Max”, “Gallipoli” and “Lethal Weapon” was unfortunately one of the most hated personality in Hollywood. Looking back, Gibson’s violent words against his arresting officer had widely brought him down to public. On an audiotape, he was heared threatening his then- girlfriend with the rape and other physical abuse as well as dropping the N-word.

#9- Robert Pattinson


Twilight fans are somehow deteriorating Pattinson’s fans, actually. His statement saying that the book was not supposed to be published. The idea was somewhat not good to hear, thinking that mocking the franchise that you owed your popularity was not really nice. Some criticized his poor acting skills saying he’s better off as a model than an actor, instead.

#8 Terry Perry


One reason why people hated Terry Perry was that his image creating contradictory stereotypes of the Black American people with the roles he’s playing like making indecent amounts of money, projecting an image of violent people doing crimes in his films and TV shows, thus, creating an image that black people are really like these.

#7 Hayden Christensen


People might had been fed up of his lifeless portrayal on a particular character assigned to him. Giving them a thought that he is probably lazy enough to ponder upon the given script before acting upon it. So he was not that effective actor to be liked by everyone. It was even reported that his being moody on set all the time was not doing any good particularly on Star Wars prequel leading to its breakdown.

#6 Gwyneth Paltrow


She was known for being most decried and yet beautiful celebrities of Hollywood. But did you know that she was also listed as the number one ‘Most Hated Celebrity Everywhere’ by the Star Magazine? Paltrow, behund those lovely face has an attitude problem which probably she was disliked by the majority. People stressing out that she only had fame because of her ex-husband. She was born into a well-off family and maybe the reason why she thought of herself to be better than everyone.

#5 Shia Labeouf


People liked this American actor during his Disney Channel days. But as time passes by, Hollywood brings him a negative image. His acting was not that effective and his attitude problem prevails. He is also criticized by ripping off the whole scripts.

#4- Kristen Stewart


She was disliked most because of ‘crossing-the-lines’ attitude on set. That’s why her co stars and the mere association to the Twilight series doesn’t liked her. Cheating on R-Patt was a big disgust to the Twilight fanatics. To add the lifeless portrayal on her character that is rather described he as if looking constipated instead. She was also marked as being utterly terrible in interviews.

#3- Miley Cyrus

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Though Miley had shared the fame of her father, many people does hated her for her styles particularly those vulgar performance together with an automated acting was a destruction to her image. Definitely no one considers her as a role model.

#2 Justin Bieber


Justine was in the second place! Though he had been flooded by likes, Justine, too has a battery of haters at the same time. Why? He pees on public lavatory buckets, he allegedly spit on his fans, caught driving under the influence with driver’s license expired and other improper behavior especially when in public.

#1 Kanye West


Kanye West had somehow irritates the majority with his annoying behavior. Posing like Jesus on a cover of Rolling Stone in their 2006 issue was crazily improper. He even compare himself to Picasso, Shakespeare, and Walt Disney.

In one of his concerts, he asked the man on a wheelchair to stand up. He refused to perform unless everyone would stand and chant his name. His interruptions with Taylor Swift and Beck on stage was a total rudeness.

Many times he’s been fronting the headlines because of his being self-centered.