Niagara Falls Is Frozen By Extreme Cold In Winter That Reminds You The Frozen World Of Narnia

Remember the White Witch in the 2005 movie Narnia where she turns everything to ice, it scary at one point but it looks stunning at the same time. This is what happened to Niagara Falls  located in Canada for the past couple of days.

The country has been hit by an extreme cold that lasted over a week that ruined the Canadians holiday season. Temperatures spiked around -40  deg C with wind shield and -57 deg C in Canada’s Northern Territories. There are even news that at the period of time, Canada is colder than North Pole and Mars.

This extreme cold reshaped the beauty of Niagara Falls, this frozen Falls is stunning that reminds you like the enchanted world of Narnia covered in ice.

See the stunning photos.



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