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  • Extraordinary art in the ordinary #drawmekristina

    Social media is now becoming one of the best ways to influence people, especially when you are extremely creative. It is definitely a strategic avenue to showcase art. Kristina Webb, a young artist from New Zealand, for one has proven that there is more to life than mundane things. Her art, which became famous in […]

  • Only in the Philippines!!!!!

    Apart from the endangered mouse deer and the minute tarsier, there are several unusual things endemic to the Philippines. If you are that adventurous, indulge yourself with these real Filipino experiences that’ll make you completely amazed! (or maybe terrified! or disgusted?) 1. BALUT. WHEN YOU ARE UP FOR SOMETHING “EGGXOTIC”, TRY EATING A DEVELOPING DUCK […]

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  • 8 celebrities going through invisible medical struggles!

      It’s true what they say about not judging someone because you never know what they are going through.  It is so amazing how some of us can keep our struggles to ourselves. Celebrities, for one are exceptionally so good at this. They have to be. Some of them are experts in concealing their physical […]

  • Yes! He is the sexiest, most handsome…. Security Guard!

    Who says that handsome guys can only be seen on ads, movies or television? You probably have known someone in your office or in your neighborhood who looks like a hollywood star but choose not to be on the limelight. Guilherme Leao, for one, can attest to that but I guess, he can never escape […]

  • Laugh your guts out with these 20 funny placements!

    We all know that everything should be in its right place but what if it really is, however something is isn’t? Well, that can turn out to be unexpectedly funny. If you are too observant, you probably have discovered funny placement of two separate things that made you giggle or laugh on your own. These […]

  • What is lurking deep down the ocean is not how you imagined it to be! Prepare your eyes to another aquatic beast you have never seen before!

    What’s lurking down the ocean is not always how you imagined it to be. You probably would think of colorful fishes, swaying seaweeds and lovely corals. With that alluring aquamarine water surface, who would ever thought something monstrous can be hidden down there. Well here’s the catch. That enticing water kingdom is just a front. […]

  • Fat Facts: 7 foods you thought won’t make you FAT!

    Looks can really be very deceiving even with food. The most tasty-looking ones can be the worst when it comes to fat content! And what’s even worse is that they are almost everywhere. So if you are cutting down on fats or calories and would want to eat healthy as much as possible, then you […]