• Stephen Curry’s Funniest Moments

    (photo credit: Stephen Curry is undeniably has gained his spot in the hall of fame. He is one of the most exciting player the world has ever seen. With his super long range three point shot and tear drop shots that amazed even the legends of the league. In this video, we will show […]

  • Lady Gaga’s Superb Performance At Super Bowl 50

    (photo credit: We all know lady Gaga as one of the most sensational artist of our time. She is a multi- awarded artist and considered to be as one of the best artist in her field. Her unusual fashion statement gave more glitter to her personality. As well as her controversial concerts that she involved in. […]

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  • Miss Universe In Super Bowl 50

    (photo credit: Inside Edition) The reigning Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is enjoying a great time at the Super Bowl 50. She proved that being a Miss Universe is not just all about beauty, but also has the charisma and must have a wide range of talent. She joined the Super Bowl stars as well […]

  • Super Fruits That Will Make You Beautiful And Healthy

    (Photo Credit: Everyone wants to live healthy and beautifully. That is why we take time to take care of ourselves by making sure that we take a bath everyday and other daily routines that makes us beautiful and healthy. However, in our present world, we are exposed on a lot of factors that will deteriorate […]

  • Pia Wurtzbach First Interview As Miss Universe 2015

    (photo credit: For the first time, Miss Universe 2015 went on national television in the United States for an interview with the premier news program Good Morning America. After several days of Silence, Miss Philippines and the reigning Miss Universe finally shared her side on what happened on that controversial announcement of winner on […]

  • Levitating Performers Secrets Finally Revealed!

    (photo credit: Everyone of us loves a magic tricks. Since we were little kids, we are already amazed how these tricks works until now. For the first time ever, the secrets of levitating performers are now revealed to the public. For years, these techniques were kept secret for them to retain its magical aura. […]

  • [WATCH]For The First Time Ever, NASA Released A Stunning Videos Of The Sun

    (photo credit: The Sun has always been present in the heaven ever since humans existed in this planet. For years, we though that it would be impossible for us to take a journey and to take a closer look in the nearest star in the Galaxy. But now, thanks to the advanced and state […]

  • 15 Weirdest Photos Of All Time!

    Pictures are the way for us to keep our memories and to reminisce the old good times. But, there are pictures that are breath taking that will certainly put you in to awe! We have researched all over the web to give you the most unbelievable pictures that will surely surprise you! Here, we showcase […]

  • Top Gorgeous Cheerleaders In The NBA

    Basketball is one of the most favorite sports for Men. Specially, in the NBA where hardcourt action is guaranteed! However, apart from the slam and the jam, there’s another attraction in the NBA that entices the fans to watch it LIVE. Those are the cheerleaders! Just  like in boxing, they have beautiful round girls flaunting […]