• Meet Oksana Neveselaya, The Hottest and Sexiest Math Teacher In The World

    Match is one of the complex subjects in school especially if you don’t like it. The struggle to understand equations, numbers and problems are real and it is getting more harder everytime you go to the next grade but what if you you have teacher like Oksana Neveselaya from Belarus. Maybe you will be eager […]

  • The New Power Ranger Movie Is Totally Awesome

    The original Power Rangers was first released as an action series that started in 1992 until 1996. The series continues until today but with different cast. The franchise become very popular that they even released action figures, cards, posters and a lot more. They created three movies in this franchise. First was in 1995 (Mighty […]

  • Mom Shaves Daughter’s Hair After Bullying a Girl With Cancer

    Bullying is one of the major problems in schools. It affects not only the studies of kids but also their personality growing up. Some of them are afraid to go to school anymore knowing that bullies are always at their back leaving them no choice but to transfer to other schools. Teachers and parents always […]

  • Russian Beauty Queen Went To Dubai To Sell Her Virginity For $13,000

    Anna Feschenko, 17-yr-old model and won as a runner up in the Miss Moscow contest in June. Sad to say, she flies to United Arab Emirates to be an escort. Why? She needs money to get through her university education in Moscow. She told her mother that the travel was a prize from the contest […]

  • Low Cost Cosplay Guy Makes The Most Hilarious Cosplay Costume Ideas

    Cosplay is very popular these days and you can see a lot of them in Comicon, Ikkicon, Otakuthon or other events but it cost a lot for the cosplayers to make their costumes but this guy from Thailand has a brilliant ideas where no can ever imagine. He can be anyone using his knowledge without […]

  • 11 Famous Celebrities Who Cut Their Beautiful Hair Without Any Regret

    Women love their hair more than anything else in the world. They always take care of them from day to night and never get out of the house unless it looks neat and beautiful to public but one day will come that women feel to update their looks by cutting their long beautiful hair. It […]

  • 15 Remarkable Evolutions of Cities Around The World

    The world is changing in a very fast phase. After years of experience and research, mankind has acquired the skills and knowledge on how to construct buildings, structures and skyscrapers in just a small period of time and grow them much faster than tress that can reach even the clouds. If you look back a […]

  • Meet Ikuta Kana, The Most Beautiful Taxi Driver In The World

    Getting stuck on traffic is the worst experience ever especially if you late going to work, appointment and going home after a tiring day at work. It increases your stress level that sometimes it crossed into your mind to leave your car in the middle of traffic and just walk but it’s a whole different […]

  • Meet Thor, The Cat With The Most Beautiful Fur Ever

    If you are a cat lover, you will be jealous of not having Thor as a pet. He has the fur that every cat owner will envy. Thor is a Bengal cat, meaning a domestic cat that had been developed to look like leopards, ocelots and margays by cross breading with Asian leopards. The project […]