• 10 Annoying Habits You Should Avoid In Public

    These are the common bad habits that we do unknowingly in public and we should avoid doing this. Here are some good points and you’d be embarrassed to see how many of these you do daily. 10. Texting while walking/driving/talking to someone Texting in public especially walking and driving is dangerous. Its because we get […]

  • Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Moms

    Hollywood stars, celebrity women sooner or later decide to settle down in life and experience becoming a mom, a parent. They slow down from their careers for a couple of months because of their pregnancy. Paparazzi takes a stolen shot of their baby bump then after they give birth they emerged, Fit Sexy and Gorgeous. […]

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  • 20 Actors And Celebrities Who Released Albums That Failed Miserably

    It has become popular for rappers and musicians to transition into acting and go on to have successful careers. Most of this comes from former Disney stars such as Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus. The reality is that most actors that made albums or songs failed miserably at convincing their fans […]

  • 10 Hollywood Actors Got Fired During Filming A Movie

      Hollywood’s celebrities have to constantly be on top of their game to make sure that they stay relevant and that they remain in the spotlight. Hollywood isn’t exactly known for its job security, and no one knows that better than the stars who were fired from major productions. Any mistake can jeopardize their status and possibly ruin […]

  • A New Era of Mothers; Millennial Mothers Are Modern,Young And Cool,, A new set of mothers, millennials has come of age. For this generation; most of them are settling down and wants to become parents soon or some of them are single parents; it does not matter. The new generation mothers are more likely open minded, tech savvy and they interact more […]

  • Odd Couples With Extraordinary Love They maybe not the common couple that we see, But there love towards each other is unconstrained,  They maybe the weirdest person on earth yet they still found there partner in life Who accepted them and loved them for there imperfections. KISSING SELFIE Who said only sexy couples know how to do it? There […]