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  • This Is What Disney Princesses Look-Like If They Aged In Their Movies

    Disney Princesses are always young and beautiful which is why their prince charming fell in love on the first look but even them need deal with age, it is part of the flow of nature where no one can stop unless you are using some kind of sorcery or some sort of vampire. At the […]

  • Dragoon Ball Z Lamp Figures Will Sure Lighten Up Your Room

    Are you a Dragoon Ball Z fan? If you are then you will love this new lamps created by LitUpInteriorDesign. It is a Dragoon Ball Z type figures where your favorite characters like Son Guko, Vegeta, Majin Boo, Picollo, Freeza, monkey version of a Saiyan and many more. They also have the Super Saiyan versions […]

  • A Million-Dollar Homes of the Rich and Famous Celebrities

    It is said that homes reflects ones’ personality. Home echoes ones social standing. And we must admit, everyone of us has a heart for beautiful houses to call our own. But could you ever imagine what is a home for the rich and famous? Basically, we’ve seen them with those luxury cars, outfits, shoes, jewelries, etc. almost […]

  • (know your) Skin Tone + Perfect Shades = A Perfect YOU!

    Human skin color ranges in variety from that darkest brown to the lightest hues. Over time, the social significance of differences in skin color has varied across cultures. And women as we are, beauty becomes a must in our day-to-day undertakings when in fact, choosing the right shades that will perfectly match to our skin […]

  • Banana Goes Viral: These Sculptures You Shouldn’t Miss!!!

    Sculpture is one of the popular form of visual arts and many became famous in this field. But what makes a sculpture unique? Meet this artist who became popular through his unique and delicious carvings. Keisuke Yamada, a Japanese artist instantly drew public attention with his edible masterpieces. This self-taught artist who is an electrician by profession takes plain bananas […]

  • She’s A plus-Size Supermodel And She’s Worthy Of It!!!

    Plus-size clothing has been around since the 1920s. That was when Lane Bryant, a maternity-clothing company started marketing “Clothing for the Stout Woman.” And talking about plus-size, here’s the largest plus-size model to land a modelling contract at a size-22 and still continuing to make history for a lifetime. She undoubtedly making it BIG in modelling industry. She was […]

  • Storybook Houses For Real… It’s No Magic!!!

    For once in your childhood fantasies probably been dreaming of a magical house found in your mom’s storybook pages. A fairy tale cottage, seashell shaped home or maybe waking up on a ginger bread house that were popularized in the 1920’s storybook houses. Storybook houses  designed with a playful style inspired by children’s books and […]