Category: Nature

  • What Will Happen When You A Wet A Washcloth In Space

    Living in space is completely different on earth. The zero gravity environment has a lot of effects to human body and way of living. Astronauts have undergone several trainings and simulations to overcome all the possible difficulties.

  • Unexpected Tornado Hits The Rose Bowl Game, Stuff Flying Everywhere

    Nature can be terrifying sometimes. It just arrives and destroys things without any given warning and that’s what happened at this first day of the year during the Rose Bowl Game. Rose Bowl game is a college American football game in California that usually played on January 1. Many people always come and watch the […]

  • The Forgotten City Of Chernobyl

    The Chernobyl disaster in 1986 and the recent one, 3 years ago in Fukushima, Japan are the worst nuclear explosion happened in human race. Affecting the lives of thousands of people and destroying Mother Nature. The explosion is just a small part of the disaster. The after effect is the worst. People infected by the […]