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  • 15 Remarkable Evolutions of Cities Around The World

    The world is changing in a very fast phase. After years of experience and research, mankind has acquired the skills and knowledge on how to construct buildings, structures and skyscrapers in just a small period of time and grow them much faster than tress that can reach even the clouds. If you look back a […]

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  • A Bracelet Capable Of Projecting Your Smartphone Into Your Skin

    Do you know that there are almost 2.16 billion Smartphone users around the world and it keeps increasing each year? This technology is very popular that it becomes a part of our life. According to recent studies; you and your Smartphone cannot be separated by 10 meters. That is how important your own Smartphone to […]

  • This Brilliant Idea Is The Solution To The Traffic Crisis That We Are Facing Right Now

    Due to the increase of population, the numbers of vehicles on the streets are also increasing. Every country is struggling on how to deal this problem. source:youtubescreenshot A project introduced at the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo could be the solution that we are waiting after all these years. It is known as Transit […]

  • These Craziest Amusement Park Will Take Your Breath Away!!!

    Source: Entertainment attractions, rides, and other events and adventures… experience all of these in different amusement parks around the world. Usually, many are themed to a particular area like water parks, parks that are modeled after toys, others are inspired from movies or types of movies, particularly adventures and action. But not all in these themed parks can be enjoyed both […]