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  • Celebrity Photobombers… Made Strangers’ Photos Extra Special!!!

    You must agree with me, you gotta be grateful when someone “big” photobombs you! Yes, sometimes we find it irritating when somebody ruins our suppose to be ‘picture perfect’ moments. But how about if they happened to be a celebrity? You must be luckier, don’t you. They actually don’t ruin the moment but instead, they […]

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  • Boyfriend Overslept, Missed A Date, Woke Up On A Shocking Revenge

    Nothing more worth panicking than missing up an appointment because you overslept! And then, of course, you’ll have to unluckily suffer the consequences to whatever degree it may be. So, better check on your bucket list before taking a pleasurable sleep. Take it from Stephen Hall, who lodged himself in the most unexpected episode of […]

  • The World’s Richest YouTubers Of 2017

      Our world today has undeniably influenced by internet. Video-sharing website, YouTube, for example, had contributed a lot of trends and had built up careers since its launching in 2005. YouTubers, (personalities who gained popularity through their uploaded videos on YouTube) are becoming more and more popular through the years and earns whopping amount out […]

  • The “Queen Of The Dark” Was Radiantly Viral Online

    There are thousands of people who will definitely do anything just to look specially acceptable by everybody. But not this Sudanese model who had somehow empowered people, women in particular to go and lift theirselves regardless of what is the color of their skin are. She was dark but definitely beautiful.This 24-year-old South Sudanese model […]

  • Shu Xin: The Prettiest Lady-In-Uniform

    …for a soldier is born to protect, and she was not only courageously braver than anyone else, she has definitely had the most gorgeous face among others in her risky profession. She was Shu Xin and she works as a soldier for the People’s Liberation Army in Republic of China. In fact, she was named […]

  • Must Watch: AGT: Light Balance Crew Earned A Golden Buzzer With An Awesome Performance

    There is nothing more entertaining that an awesome dance with amazing choreography but when it mixed with computerized lightnings, it is even more beyond amazing. Last night in one of the greatest stage to showcase the talents in the world, a crew called Light Balance shocked everyone with their performance that earned them the golden […]