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  • 17 Celebrity Lookalikes: Parents Edition!!!

    Parents give everything to their kids…even their looks. Now even if kids don’t appreciate something like that, they could not do anything about it. But if your parents are one of the famous and pretty, you would wish for something exactly like that. In this celebrity lookalikes edition, let’s take a look at our famous […]

  • 15 Celebrity Lookalikes: Baby Edition

    We recognize people through their faces. Each face looks different from the other. That allows us to distinguish the people we know and from those we don’t. It is not often that we see people who look the same. Twins maybe, yes. But how about these babies who look freakishly similar to famous people? You would […]

  • 13 Extremely Funny Celebrity Face Swaps

    It’s obvious when people get bored. It’s when they do something insanely creative, when they invent things that are out of this world, or when they swap faces of famous celebrities. Face swap is the product of pure boredom, pure genius or just pure plain fun. This seemingly hilarious, borderline creepy exchange of faces would […]

  • 12 Shocking Celebrity Transformations in Movies

    Actors and actresses oftentimes need to undergo drastic changes to perfectly embody the characters they have to portray. Whether they have to build up muscles for a superhero role, slim down for a much younger character, or shed some fats to fit a dying man’s persona, our superstars undergo hard and, sometimes, extreme workout to […]

  • 20 Unbelievable Transformations: Nerdy-looking child stars to HOTTIES!!!

      Time is the answer to everything they say. Definitely for these once nerdy-looking child stars, time, and probably a little bit of magic, transformed them into beauties and hotties that everyone seeks. For sure, you have never imagined that your once favorite TV star ugly duckling would be a real swan just after several […]

  • 7 Celebrities who Gained Higher Education, MAs and PhDs

    Smart is the new sexy. Feeding the brain with knowledge and information is as important as filling your stomach with food, or stuffing your wallet with money. Education should be the most valuable thing in the world. Some may not agree with it, but a handful is still convinced that getting a degree surpasses any […]

  • Seem Perfect, But Not: Catch Sight Of These 16 Celebrated Icons With Their Little Imperfections!

    source: diply.com They are in-vogue. They are longed for. They drive you crazy. Yes, they are famous! But you’ve got to believe this, they have these little flaws. Catch a glimpse of it. 1. Halle Berry’s extra toe!  source: www.11points.com 2. One of Hollywood’s most attractive leading men, Denzel Washington got a broken little finger […]