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  • Odd Couples With Extraordinary Love

    diply.com They maybe not the common couple that we see, But there love towards each other is unconstrained,  They maybe the weirdest person on earth yet they still found there partner in life Who accepted them and loved them for there imperfections. KISSING SELFIE Who said only sexy couples know how to do it? There […]

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  • 19 Couples who Know How to Have Fun and Stay Forever Young in Love!!!!!

    Who believes in forever? Nothing lasts forever, nobody stays. Everything changes, everybody moves on. But there are some exemptions to this reality. Some people simply don’t want to be overpowered by social standards. And the greatest reason is love. Love rules. When there is real love, who wants to stop? Who wants to change? In […]

  • 30 Inspiring People Who Prove That There’s Still Hope For Mankind

    Let’s admit it, our world is kind of mess up these days. The numbers of crimes, robbery and other bad stuff that against the law keep increasing each year. I don’t even know if it’s safe to walk in the street alone anymore but there still hope as long as there are good people in […]

  • 24 Cutest Couples’ Tattoo That Proves Love Lasts Forever

    (via inkweddings.com) Every couple has their own way on how to remember their love. This will become the proof and always remind them how important their significant other more than anything else in the world. It may come in different stuff like clothing, jewelry, toys and even tattoos. Why tattoos? Simply because it is kind […]

  • How To Impress The Girl You Like Inside The Classroom

    Most of us have been struggling to talk to the boy or girl that we like. It needs confidence and a lot of guts. Even how much we practice the words we say but when it comes to reality, we lost all of it and we act so weird that in the end we are […]