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  • Face-Distorting Movie Plot Holes

    source: cdn.smosh.com Plot hole- is being defined as “contradictions in a screenplay” that can either be cited on paper or implied by the argument and everything in creation of the screenplay. Plot holes are usually seen as failing or flaws in a story, and writers usually try to avoid them to make their stories seem as realistic as possible. Some finds […]

  • 17 Celebrity Lookalikes: Parents Edition!!!

    Parents give everything to their kids…even their looks. Now even if kids don’t appreciate something like that, they could not do anything about it. But if your parents are one of the famous and pretty, you would wish for something exactly like that. In this celebrity lookalikes edition, let’s take a look at our famous […]

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  • 12 Shocking Celebrity Transformations in Movies

    Actors and actresses oftentimes need to undergo drastic changes to perfectly embody the characters they have to portray. Whether they have to build up muscles for a superhero role, slim down for a much younger character, or shed some fats to fit a dying man’s persona, our superstars undergo hard and, sometimes, extreme workout to […]

  • 7 Celebrities who Gained Higher Education, MAs and PhDs

    Smart is the new sexy. Feeding the brain with knowledge and information is as important as filling your stomach with food, or stuffing your wallet with money. Education should be the most valuable thing in the world. Some may not agree with it, but a handful is still convinced that getting a degree surpasses any […]

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    10 Horror Child Stars Who Turns Out To Be Gorgeous and Good-Looking

    (via photos.toofab.com) Horror films have changed so much since it was first created in the late 1890’s. The suspense and sound effects are way much better making it scarier to watch. There are a lot of notable horror films such as The Exorcist, The Blair Witch Project, Let The Right One In, The Conjuring and many […]

  • Marvel’s Ant Man Teaser Released, Must Watch

    Everybody can’t wait long enough to see another Marvel movie this year but the wait is finally over. After releasing an ant size teaser of the movie a week ago, Marvel and Walt Disney officially released a full human teaser of the newest Marvel movie Ant-Man.